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Welcome to our cosy living room, Verso Bar, in the city centre of Jyväskylä. You will find great a variety of beers, red, white and sparking wines at Verso. We favour Finnish microbreweries - Verso Bar also has its own beer, made with the local Panimo Hills. We have a wide, first-class selection of alcohol, and we offer tasty, salty snacks to go with your drink. For instance cheese, cold cuts and olives taste delicious with the sourdough bread baked by our baker. Come and spend your evening at the welcoming, cosy Verso. Salty snacks are available until late at night. 

Make your weekdays better with Verso's mouthwatering lunch or start your day with the generous, Finnish Verso breakfast, available in the second floor breakfast restaurant, Silmu. Stop by for lunch, a drink or a sandwich - we're open from lunchtime to late at night. 

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